HH Hancock III Root Canal Endodontist Now Offering Fotona Laser Root Canal Therapy

A cutting edge, safe & effective laser solution for root canal therapy is now available at HH Hancock III Root Canal Endodontist. The advanced method known as SWEEPS® is a state-of-the-art technique for cleaning out problematic root canal systems. The all-new Fotona LightWalker® laser uses directed, precision energy to entirely clean the root canal system at a level of efficacy that traditional methods can miss. SWEEPS® introduces a new paradigm to how endodontists treat root canal treatment. Armed with SWEEPS®, you can expect safer, faster and more thorough root canal therapy.


Endodontic Treatment with SWEEPS® For Root Canal Therapy

Root canal  laser treatment successfully addresses a major disadvantage of classical root canal therapy, the inability to completely clean and disinfect complex root canal systems.
Advantages of and SWEEPS® Technologies:

Laser treatments for root canals offer a solution to a shortcoming of traditional root canal therapy – the lack of ability to entirely disinfect complex root canal systems. Among the advantages of the all-new SWEEPS® Technologies are:

  • ● Minimally invasive techniques that take less time to perform
  • ● A track record of increased efficacy and success
  • ● The ability to reach small corners and areas not possible with traditional root canal therapy
  • ● A safer option less prone to complications
  • ● A more thorough technique that reduces the necessity for retreatments
  • ● Reduced chance of tooth fracture

Ask Dr. Hancock about the cutting-edge Fotona Laser SWEEPS® treatment today and experience the thorough, safe root canal therapy that you deserve.