Post Treatment Care Instructions

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What To Do After Endodontic Treatment

After your treatment, Dr. Hancock will give you instructions for proper pain management and dental care during the recovery process leading up to your follow-up visit. It is critical to follow these guidelines, particularly if you have a temporary filling or crown. Wait until the numbing medication wears off before eating, and avoid using the treated tooth for chewing until it has been fully restored. Continue to brush and floss daily as usual.

Managing Post-Operation Symptoms

As the numbing medication from the procedure wears off, you may feel some tenderness for a few days while everything heals, along with some soreness in your jaw that prevents you from keeping your mouth open for extended periods. These are temporary symptoms that typically respond well to over-the-counter medication, but your doctor may prescribe you stronger medication. Be sure to follow all medication instructions carefully, and be aware that narcotics can cause drowsiness, so exercise caution when driving or operating other machinery.

When To Contact Us

Everyone’s post-operation experience will be slightly different, and the tooth that received treatment will feel different from your other teeth for some time. However, if you experience any of these symptoms, contact us immediately:

  • Severe pain or pressure lasting longer than a few days
  • Visible swelling inside or outside your mouth
  • Allergic reaction to medication (including itching, hives, or a rash)
  • An uneven feeling to your bite
  • A return of symptoms from before treatment
  • The temporary filling or crown falling out

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