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All About Cary, North Carolina

Cary, North Carolina, is located in the County of Wake and only 8 miles west of Raleigh, North Carolina, and conveniently located inside the Raleigh – Durham – Chapel Hill metropolitan area.

The town of Cary, North Carolina was first known as Bradford’s Ordinary and settled in the year 1750. The area became the main transportation route when the North Carolina Railroad first entered in the mid-1800s. Allison Francis Page, a farmer and lumberman from Wake County, and his wife, Catherine Raboteau Page, bought the land in 1854 and named it Cary, after Samuel Fenton Cary, a former Ohio congressman prohibitionist. Cary was officially incorporated on April 6, 1871. Page later became the first mayor of Cary.


Living and Working in Cary, NC

Cary has rapidly evolved into an alternative to big-city living. Its proximity to Raleigh and the Research Triangle Park is a relatively short commute to the Triangle area’s top employers. There is an excellent school system, more than 30 parks and greenways trails, tons of shopping centers, and a small-town atmosphere. No wonder Cary has been named the “Best Place to Live in The South” and “5th Best Place to live in the U.S.”


HH Hancock near Cary, NC

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Fred G. Bond Metro Park and HH Hancock

Fred G. Bond Metro Park is one of the largest municipal parks in Wake County and the best-groomed park around and only a ten mile drive from HH Hancock. Like an oasis town, the park design preserves the environment and wildlife. It offers tons of opportunities for all types of recreation.

Head out and have some good ol’ family fun. Test your fishing skills at the water’s edge, or instead, head out on a relaxing boat, paddle boat, or canoe ride. Bike, run, pull out the rollerblades or simply stroll along the shaded looping trails. There are plenty of excellent open areas to play football, soccer, or fly kites.  

Bond Park hosts many local festivals, sports competitions, and concerts in the amphitheater that often come with a nice variety of food trucks and plenty of seating areas.

For those who prefer more adventure and more considerable challenges, get a bird’s-eye view from the rope course, or stay on the ground for team-building fun. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there is something for everyone. So gather some friends, the family, or your teammates and enjoy a day at Fred G. Bond Metro Park near Cary, North Carolina.